Portland songwriter Anna Tivel is a favorite over at Hearth. She's a deft, clever songwriter with a knack for observing the small, subtle beauties of our lives. Her new album, Before Machines, out now on Portland label Fluff & Gravy, is another treasurebox of discoveries. With her half-whispered, rasped vocals, Tivel has a distinct singing style, and while it might not work with every singer, it lends her songs a rugged sensitivity that seems almost paradoxical. Like any good songwriter, Anna's a natural writer and wordsmith. She grew up loving books and reading, and this shows in her lyrics and songcraft. "My sister, my mom and I would go to our little town library with a rolling suitcase and fill it to bursting,” she remembers, “we'd read in the car, in the bath, under the covers late at night, always piles of books, always music playing, from Paul Simon to Dylan, from The Kingston Trio to Itzhak Perlman.”

KITHFOLK is proud to present a video premiere for Anna Tivel's song "Five Dollar Bill." A charming montage of cute kids of Portland home videos, it's quite delightful! But we wanted to know more about the song itself. As Anna explains: "Five dollar Bill is a song that grew from something my mom said on the phone once, that she feels so loved when she comes home from work in the dark and my dad has left the porch light on. It got me thinking about the quiet parts of being good to someone, the parts that aren't big or flashy, the parts that are hard to see. The video was made by Jason Williams in the backyard at Fluff and Gravy Records, where I've met some of the warmest, most wonderful music families over the past year. The album was recorded in their basement, put out on their amazing label, and it felt so good to make a video with all the Fluff and Gravy kids and dogs doing what they do best. It can be a struggle to find a musical path that feels giving and honest, and watching those kids rock out in the backyard is exactly what makes things feel that way. I wanted to make a video that conveyed the same thought as the song--- that there are simple, good things that are small and crazy and beautiful.”


Anna Tivel's new album Before Machines drops June 17, 2014. Pre-order or order HERE.

AuthorKith Folk