Baltimore Americana/roots band The Manly Deeds have joined us here at KITHFOLK to share their new video! It's the traditional song "Troubles Like Mine," and it's off their new album which drops July 1 on Scenic Route Records. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Lead singer and banjo player Adam Aud explains more about this song:

"This is an old song we first heard played by the incredible Walker and Jay, who are also from Baltimore. It's one of those songs that gives and takes pieces from a hundred other folk songs. We've been playing it live for over two years and it's remained one of our favorite songs to play."


There's a compelling brashness to the music of The Manly Deeds, the kind of in-your-face New World attitude that Baltimore's founding fathers would have understood quite clearly. The band's tight, eager, almost angry, ready to turn on a dime, racing through the underbrush like a kind of wild hog. It's a helluva lot of fun to listen to and must have been even more fun to make. The Manly Deeds call their music "old timey" and that's certainly the case, but I really like the way they also talk about their music having a view towards the Applachian Mountains and a back to the Chesapeake Bay. This isn't old-timey Appalachian music, but rather old-school American rural roots music, as reflective of riverboats, shanties, back-alley crap games, and drunken honky-tonks as it is of lost hollers. Simply put, there's a lot to be found in the new album from The Manly Deeds and they must have walked a lot of back roads to get here.

AuthorKith Folk