Photo Credit: Piper Corbett Photography.

By: Mindie Lind

Born and bred in Virginia as the daughter of a jazz musician, Aba Kiser (Abakis) learned to sing Billie Holiday in her jammies! Leaving her family (and biggest musical influence) behind, Aba’s been hard traveling for a few years now, stretching her roots across the U.S., and periodically stopping in pockets of woodlands like Nevada City, CA and Port Townsend, WA. Now living in New York City, Abakis has returned to her East Coast roots with her debut album, I'm One Too.

With soulful powerhouse vocals, I'm One Too is a folk-pop dream come true, growing taller and taller with every track, becoming almost a piece of Byzantine architecture. From the buttress to the scaffolding, Abakis knows the scope of her sound; rootsy pop soaked in nuanced complexity.

The album won’t be here until November 2014, but we are excited to share the exclusive pre-release single, “Day Job”!


A new KITHFOLK favorite, “Day Job” immediately locks you in with its straight shooting folk riffs and immense intricacy; it’s Jangle Pop for the ages (think Lana Del Ray meets the Paisley Underground)!  We like to imagine a possible music video of Abakis doing “The Twist” at a 1960’s pool party while singing the song’s hard hitting truths, “The world doesn’t come with whistles and bells…Oh Well”.

Check out what Aba Kiser has to say about the track and be sure to visit her website for a free download of “Day Job” by pre-ordering the album, I'm One Too.

 “Day Job” according to Aba!  
Written while working three day jobs and living in the basement of a Brooklyn Apartment, “Day Job” relates the trials of the daily wage-slave, facing the existential desire for a more fulfilled life. The song speaks of another economy, the economy of what brings meaning to our lives. It weaves in and out how money pits us against our own desires, until we listen to what we love and realize our true wealth. Within an economy of heart, humor, and passion…how rich are you?

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