Nashville singer-songwriter Annalise Emerick travels hard. Since moving to Music City, she's been on the road non-stop singing her songs and bringing her light-filled Americana music all across the US. What's interesting is that the songs on her new album, Field Notes, sound so personal. I know that it's draining for many singer-songwriters to present songs that come from their own lives, but there's a confidence to her music and even a sense that she draws strength and comfort from her own stories. With a voice that's so light and beautiful that it can wrap around you like a blanket, you might find yourself taking comfort from her stories as well. You'll have to wait until September 16, though, when her album officially drops. But happily, we here at KITHFOLK get to present our favorite song off her new album: "Twinkling Lights!"

"Twinkling Lights" is the perfect summer song, in fact it's basically an ode to long summer nights under the stars. It captures those magical moments when you've left your work behind and retreated away from the city lights to the countryside with close friends. The chorus is just so beautiful:

"When the fire burns out and the embers all die
We still have all our stories like stars in the skies
And we will always remember how we lit up the night."

I think the song embodies the main emotion behind Annalise's music: hope. There's a real sense of hope and possibility in her singing, a feeling that no matter how low you fall, a higher spirit is there to lift you up. In a world as dark as ours these days, that feeling of hope can be hard to come by.


AuthorKith Folk