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In our third issue of KITHFOLK, we got a chance to feature one of our favorite Northwest singer-songwriters Jeffrey Martin. Jeffrey's a creative writer teacher in Eugene, OR, so his writing is always a treat for us, and his new album proves what a great roots songwriter he is. So we're very proud to present the new video to his song "Newborn Thing" thx to his great record label Fluff & Gravy. Over a bedrock of old grainy black and white films, he sings of the men ground under the heel of industry in the early 20th century, painting a shimmering portrait of our American past.

We’ve been fans of Jeffrey Martin for a while now. Not only can he write a perfect folk song (requirements: thought-provoking, emotionally resonant, and eminently hummable), but his sadly-resigned vocals nestle so well into his simple guitar work that we can’t help falling for pretty much every song he writes. On his new album, Dogs in the Daylight, released on Portland, Oregon label Fluff & Gravy Records, his songs seem more pointed than ever. “Man,” though simply titled, is one of the more powerful anti-war songs we’ve heard in a while, and as a whole the songs can be taken as poetic ruminations on a world that’s let us all down.

Pretty much everyone we know in the music industry is just fed up with singer-songwriters. Hundreds and hundreds of vanity pressings and terrible songs about nothing have burned pretty much every bridge there ever was for many singer-songwriters. Jeffrey Martin is one of my last hopes, and the person I’d go to first to prove the worth of the singer-songwriter genre.


Dogs in the Daylight is about to get released on vinyl! So stay tuned to Fluff and Gravy for that, AND as a special bonus, here's an unreleased song from Jeffrey's latest album sessions that will be included on the vinyl along with three other bonus tracks.

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