Chicago folk n' song duo Mouths of Babes are coming to Seattle's Triple Door and gave us the nod to post up this great song off their first EP. Made up of two well-known West Coasties (Ingrid Elizabeth and Ty Greenstein) who got together in Oakland, Mouths of Babes features original songs, folk-rooted glorious harmonies, and no small amount of hot swagger.  

We've worked with Ingrid Elizabeth a number of times when she was with her earlier band Coyote Grace, and she's long been an icon of queer folk roots on the West Coast. She came out of a bluegrass background and you can hear that kind of old-time religion in her vocals on the song "Gospel Truth," which she wrote. If you've ever seen her on stage, Ingrid is quite the show person! With a background in burlesque, sex-education, and good ol' American roots music, she brings a ton of charisma to her performances. Ty Greenstein brings a more folk-pop sound to the group from her long work with the band Girlyman. In fact, Ingrid and Ty met while Coyote Grace was touring Girlyman. They found a great musical chemistry together and extended that to real life, living together first in Oakland and now in Chicago. The kind of chemistry they have together is only found in close love, and in fact they're looking forward to getting married soon! Mouths of Babes' debut self-titled EP just dropped. Recorded with our friend Michael Connolly at Empty Sea Studios and with artwork designed by Hearth's own Dejah Leger, it's nice to be friends with these talented folks! 

Mouths of Babes perform Thursday, January 29 in Seattle at The Triple Door. 
Info HERE.


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