Written by: Mindie Lind

Currently the best kept secret in Ballard, a cozy little corner of Seattle, Dean Johnson and his new band, Lowman Palace, have only played a few shows around town, each packed with a who's who of Seattle's favorite songwriters, all murmuring in deep anticipation about when we can expect an album. A few months ago I asked Dean Johnson to "record a damn song already" and he gave me 5 shitty iPhone recordings to hold me over, each of which I immediately added to an infinite loop; in my speakers and in my heart. Without any doubt, one of my favorites of the batch is Annabelle Goodbye, a longing tale of love gone wrong. Recently, Dean and the other Lowmen went into the studio to record the song, in what we hope is the first of many recordings released from the group.

The track starts off in a kind of hallucinogenic honky tonk; Donovan having visions of the Devil at the Crossroads. Then there's Johnson's voice; a raw, woody instrument employing a deep sense of dynamics; with a humble hand Dean gives it to you straight. His voice and his songwriting are full of angst.  Provocative and charming, there is a bewitching nature to his tone; you'll find yourself intuitively singing along-- "Darling, I'm in love with you, there ain't nothing I wouldn't do". Nestled in a twangy tremolo, the rest of the band features some of the biggest players in Seattle's underground music scene : Doug Arney's (Corespondents) lead guitar plays melody meme to Johnson's hooks, and master musicians Robert Mitchell (Andrea Peterman, Annie Ford Band) and Dave Abramson (Master Musicians of Bukkake, Diminished Men) help keep Lowman Palace locked-in somewhere between Grunge and Country, the moon and the stars. With this track Dean Johnson and the rest of Lowman Palace are really onto something special that feels like that particular time before dusk and sounds like the perfect song. I dare you to play it only once. 






AuthorKith Folk