Abakis. I’m One Too.
2014. self-released.

A few months back we at KITHFOLK premiered Abakis' first song “Day Job” from her upcoming album I'm One Too, and we’re excited to say that her full length album is here! With her album release party held at a church in New York City, and catered by friends, family, and local businesses who all received hand letter-pressed copies, the album's release was quite the underground roots project. But don't be fooled by Abakis' folky tendencies, I'm One Too, is anything but. With its intricately lush arrangements, 1960's harmonies, and nuanced jazz stylings, I'm One Too is a flawless nod to Baroque/ Orchestral pop that carries a kind of cultish modern style.The album's refreshingly non-guitar-heavy sound mixes perfectly with Abakis' booming and soulful voice and catchy hooks for a landscape that feels ungrounded, almost floating. I'm One Too takes its listeners far above the clouds to that special place where pop still feels fresh and new modern sounds become old classics!

By: Mindie Lind

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AuthorKith Folk