Annie Staninec.
2015. self-released.
Review by Alexa Peters.


On her new self-titled album, Annie Staninec displays her diverse bag of fiddle tricks and then some. From the Celtic “March to Kinsale” to the Cajun “Planté Dans La Porte De Ma Maison” Annie’s displays a rich knowledge of traditional music and its idiosyncratic subgenres. I am especially taken aback by Annie’s tone: bright, but full as a teeming glass of whiskey. That touch, along with the sort of ornamentations found on “Sinner’s Waltz,” absolutely takes your breath away. And then you discover her voice! I love her no-frills vocal harmonies with Kathy Kallick on "Man of Constant Sorrow”, and how the band–Larry Cohea (banjo), John Kael (mandolin), and Cary Black (bass)–seem to teeter on a balance beam in the back. There is mastery in it all: the tug of the mandolin and pull of the banjo, those soaring vocals. All in all, Staninec’s solo project is the perfect display of her musicality and astonishing diversity, all accrued from an early age. At only 25, she is a more seasoned player than many twice that, and this album showcases her talent beautifully.

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