Baltic Crossing. The Tune Machine.
2014. GO’ Danish Folk Music.

Humble Nordic label GO’ Danish Folk Music has been sending out an unstoppable stream of awesome Danish and Nordic music for a while now. If you’re into Scandinavian music at all, get with these guys and quick! My new discovery from them is Baltic Crossing, and this is one of the hottest trad albums of 2014! Five master musicians bring together three major traditions: Danish, Finnish, and Northumbrian. For those keeping score at home, the musicians here are accordionist Ian Stephenson and Northumbrian bagpiper Andy May from the United Kingdom, fiddler Kristian Bugge from Denmark (if you’re not hip to Kristian’s amazing Danish brass band Habadekuk then get thee to the internet), and brothers Esko and Antti Järvelä from Finland (fiddle and bass). The tunes mix and match across these traditions and in the hand of the masters manage to find some kind of totally fascinating middle ground in which it’s difficult to distinguish the origin of each. But each track on this album is wonderful and you’ll find yourself along for the journey no matter where you’re going or where you came from.

By: Devon Leger

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