Ethan Jodziewicz & Tatiana Hargreaves.
2015. Self-Released.

Though both young in years, Ethan Jodziewicz and Tatiana Hargreaves have been stirring it up in the acoustic roots scene for a while now. Tatiana first as a precocious child old-time fiddle prodigy who, it was whispered, had been possessed by the soul of her mentor, Bruce Molsky. Molsky’s one of the best known old-time fiddlers, and indeed Tatiana studied a lot with him early on, but she’s her own master fiddler now (banjo picker too!). Ethan's actually from up here in the Pacific Northwest and started out in the youngster contradance band The Retrospectacles before moving back East to study bass at the Curtis Institue of Music with Edgar Meyers. He's starring in the new album from mando bluegrass prodigy Sierra Hull and is also a key part of Darol Anger's new ensemble Mr. Sun.

This is only an EP and an introduction Ethan and Tatiana’s musical partnership, but it’s stunning nonetheless. They don’t so much deconstruct the traditional music, but rather expand its edges, fitting in huge registers of bass vibrations, innovative and sensitive work on an instrument all too often relegated to the background. Watching them live at the Triple Door a while ago, I was stunned at Ethan’s ability on the bass. From playing along with deep feeling to complex fiddle tunes, to ripping apart long, intelligent bass lines, he’s a wild talent in the field and only getting better and better. You can catch him too in acoustic roots supergroup M.r-Sun, which includes Darol Anger, Joe Walsh, and Grant Gordy. Anyways, this duo of two powerfully original young artists is a must-grab for any fans of old-time or true roots music.

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AuthorKith Folk