Levi Fuller and the Library. The Wonders That There Are.
2014. self-released.

For over ten years Levi Fuller's been bringing fanfare and independent street cred to underexposed music via his Audio Quarterly, Ball of Wax-- He's got his finger firmly on the pulse of underplayed independent music in the Northwest and now with his first full length in over five years, it's about time we at KITHFOLK give Levi Fuller and the Library the independent music nod they so clearly deserve. The Wonders That There Are is a slow burning build from semi-acoustic, folky fortitude into a big ass garage sound, full of punk ideologies and what feels like Olympia-esque sweat and tears. The band's mellow-to-grand landscapes, pretty picking, and punk principles sound like sad bastards eating clouds. We like sad bastards, and clouds.

By: Mindie Lind

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AuthorKith Folk