Luke Winslow-King. Everlasting Arms.
2014. Bloodshot Records.

It’s not really a secret at this point that New Orleans is one of the hottest roots music spots in the nation (no, the secret is that Michigan is almost as hot). So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Luke Winslow-King can roll out of the Big Easy with an album that positively smolders with Southern blues n roll. The great part of the album, is that he’s also got the early 1900s Louis Armstrong kind of vibe going. Not the “Beautiful World” Louis Armstrong, nope I’m talking about the rough-and-tumble proto-hip-hop Louis Armstrong of the Hot Fives and Sevens ensemble, when he was just as happy fucking around with a little skit as he was redefining American music with “West End Blues.” Winslow-King understands this  super fun early New Orleans stomp-jazz tradition and funnels it into a very modern perspective. This album is an absolute delight from start to finish, a masterpiece of how a very modern artist can create an original pastiche of old-school traditions that’s totally rooted in a sense of place.

By: Devon Leger

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AuthorKith Folk