Quraishi. Mountain Melodies.
2014. Evergreene Music.

A master rubab (traditional lute) player and Afghani immigrant to New York, Quraishi presents an unadulterated traditional sound with roots in Afghani court and folk forms. His instrument is the heart of all of the pieces on Mountain Melodies (Evergreene Music, 2014), a tribute to his father, who was his first teacher and instrument maker (“Wardagi” combines several of his favorite folk tunes into an original piece). Supported by the beautiful percussion work of Chatram Sahni, Quraishi can evoke sprightly, bounding songs or more contemplative and melancholy moments (“Kerwhali”). Pieces hint at influences from all along the Silk Road and move through a variety of gorgeous modes (“Negaar”). Though the production is straightforward, and there is little sonic variety from track to track. the focus and commitment in the performances shine. Fans of the banjo or mandolin need to dip into the rubab, and Quraishi’s work is an excellent place to start.

By: Tristra Newyear Yeager

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AuthorKith Folk