Just like any good lullaby, The Sound of Yves has a soporific and calming effect. This night-time day-dream debut album from Seattle band Yves carries an old-school sense of drama, deeply embedded in a trippy mysticism. Yves, headed by the band's songwriter Susie Philipsen, knows how to swoon, croon, and hit those heavy harmonies, (featuring Julia Khorsand) setting the perfect mood for The Key (a keytar-like instrument) player Tyler Potts to put his finger on the linger with his dreamy soundscape. 

Vocally, the band is taking notes from all the Jazz greats of yesteryear, from Billie Holiday to Lena Horne, yet their songs go beyond standards and burst into new modern territories that vocally read more like new-jazz altos Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson. Yves' style is classic and timeless, but with new phrasing and tempo all their own. It's a fresh smokey sound that fills the senses with kaleidoscopic reverie. It sounds as if Yves has been affecting and stirring emotions for decades with their jazzy throw-back style. With their comforting, non-conforming approach, we almost can't believe this album is their first.  Check out their video for their single "Flinty Heart" and if you are in Seattle this weekend, don't forget to go to their album release party at the Columbia City Theater with Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners and Annie Ford Band !

-by mindie lind





AuthorMindie Lind